Away From You…

Traveling down winding roads

I think of you. 

Your lips.

Your laugh.

Your scent.

I glimpse into the heavens

Asking for your protection

Every so often.

This life apart is hard on me

Though I mask it with a smile.

It’ll only be a little while…

It’ll only be just one more mile.

Highways don’t love me the way you do.

I sit,

Secluded in a box

With my thoughts to keep me company.

I can’t get used to you not here….

I deal with my hurt silently, 

Wishing you were near 

And inside of me is wounded 

But I have to run this race or I’ll lose it all.

We’ve come so far just to be so far apart.

Needing to have my space

But mourning my sudden loss.

In the morning I awaken and I face another day.

Taking on the pavement yet I’m still so far away.

I miss you…

I just want to be hugged.

Tell me that you love me by your touch,

You dont have to say a word.

But if you want,

Whisper in my ear sweet nothings 

That will make my body melt for you and fall into your bosom. 

I miss you….

I just want to be loved.

And passing all these exit signs 

I look for your figure around the bend.

Maybe that was your voice at an intersection crossing 

Or mabye I’m going crazy once again…..

Highways don’t love me the way you do.


No Words

In life,
We encounter moments when verbal explanations
Won’t give the moment justice;
We can only feel.
The emotions dancing within the walls of the heart
Can be so intense,
And the mind cannot fathom
An outlet to release them.
In these moments,
Allow yourself to feel.
Immerse yourself in your senses,
Acknowledge and Accept them.
Then move away from the feelings that do not serve your purpose,
And embrace the feelings that propel you into evolution.



The Love Experience Explained



Track Listing

  1. The Love Experience Intro
  2. Smoke Break (A Black N’ Mild Love Fling)
  3. Escape
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Coming Home Interlude
  6. #CongoLove
  7. Marry Me Freestyle
  8. Take Me Away Outro


The Love Experience” A spoken word journey through a story of love… is an EP created and produced by Inside Nianda Speaks. The story line is inspired by some true events which led to Inside Nianda Speaks writing his feelings in the form of poetry, and also features musical tracks that helped him get through the emotional highs and lows of the Love process.

The story begins with an argument between a man and woman who are in an explosive relationship. Though they love one another deeply, the words they express to one another come from that same dark place, and they begin to inflict emotional damage that tears them apart. (Track 1)

The man decides to grab his go to, Black N’ Mild cigars, in which he has attempted to quit but cannot due to his affinity for them to calm his nerves. (Track 2)

The woman, alone her home, feels the emptiness of being without the man by her side. She weeps, as he simultaneously beats himself up for the situation at hand. His only escape is to head to the beach where he can process what just took place and his feelings about his relationship. (Track 3)

While watching the waves crash against the rocks, the man has an epiphany. Throughout their volatile relationship, he sees that despite the woman’s best attempts at pushing him into an abyss, he always comes back to her arms. (Track 4)

The man, comes back home to the woman he loves, and she welcomes him by serenading and showering him with the love that only she can give. (Track 5)

The man loves making love to her, and explains to her the wild and crazy fiascoes that he remembers about their  various sexual escapades. (Track 6)

He then expresses to her his inner most thoughts about his love for her, then asks her to marry him. (Track 7)

Inside Nianda Speaks dedicates the album to those who shared the story of love with him, and expresses his profound gratitude to the listeners, those who helped his career, his children, and to his Creator. (Track 8)

Production Notes

  1. The Love Experience Intro – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo NiandaMusic by Kirk Franklin & The FamilyBackground Vocals by Baby Boy (2001)
  2.  Smoke Break ( A Black N’ Mild Love Fling) – Produced by Mulmvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo NiandaMusic by Fabolous
  3. Escape – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo NiandaMusic by John Legend 
  4. Homeostasis – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo NiandaMusic by David Sides & Lucas Teague
  5. Coming Home Interlude – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Background Vocals by Martin TV Series, Victoria Nellum; Music by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
  6. #CongoLove – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo Nianda; Music by Fabolous
  7. Marry Me Freestyle – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Written by Mulemvo NiandaMusic by Fabolous
  8. Take Me Away Outro – Produced by Mulemvo Nianda; Spoken by Mulemvo Nianda; Music by K’jon


Love Again….

If for some reason
You were shattered and scattered across the earth
I would spend all of my days trying to find you.
I would take the time to,
Piece you back together
To remind me of your presence and your everlasting touch.
You never have to wonder why I love you so much,
Since I will take the time to prove it in my movements,
Or show you when I hold you.
I’ll tell you when I smell your sweet fragrance in my midst
That you’re a gift that I will never take for granted.
Most wont understand it so,
We don’t have to hand in explanations
We prove our love with action and the obstacles we overcome.
We move mountains,
We climb over hills and attack this life aggressively
And live like its our only one.
And you’re my only one in this life and the next
So in this time or the next one
I’ll love until my breath is gone.
And when I wake in another body created
I will dedicate that life to find my wife and have your love again….



Somewhat Understand

My mommy hit my daddy and, all I did was cry.
I tried to run away but I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My daddy started yelling but I know that he was trying to stop mommy from playing with him so rough.
I know my daddy’s tougher than he looks in his tummy.
He told me that I’m strong and he said he’ll always love me.
I know my mommy loves him but I think she thinks its funny when she screams.
Telling him he’s nothing but a worthless human being,
I ask him what it means,
He tells me “Son, dream about a time where you didn’t have to worry about a thing,
That’s what you mother means.”
I know that he was lying….
One time I saw him crying with these bottles on his side.
I said “Daddy why you drink this juice,
It only makes you cry?”
He told me “Daddy’s happy you’re the only son of mine and this isn’t juice baby,
It’s just a little wine.”
Wine? But mommy says I whine.
I guess my daddy likes to drink his tears away that helps him pass the time.
I wish that I could help him but, I just get so scared and,
Mommy doesn’t care
She’ll just hold me down and whoop on me.
She won’t even look at me.
She’s says I’m like daddy and my life will turn out crookedly.
Jail will throw the book at me.
Daddy started yelling and now I started a fight,
He said something called my innocence and mommy had it took from me.
I just run and hide since I never understand why mommy can hit my daddy though he is the bigger man.
He tried to turn away but I heard the glass break
Then his body hit the floor and his arms started shaking.
Mommy started screaming and I tried to wake him up, but it’s too late….
My daddy couldn’t see straight.
He closed his eyes and whispered to me something that I couldn’t really hear.
Somethings I can somewhat understand…


Rest In Peace Baby Fetus


Rest In Peace Baby Fetus
Even though we never saw you
I’m in awe of how you brought me and your mom close together.
Whether or not I held you in my arms
We will weather out this storm till we decide if we’ll try to have you born again.
I couldn’t cry like my eyes were cauterized,
No tears would flow when the doctor said you weren’t there.
The disbelief of your disappearance smacked us into grief
No heartbeat,
No baby’s breath or car seats.
You’re gone and I was so looking forward to changing diapers…
I wiped your mother’s tears as I hold her up,
Breaking down I hold it in,
Shaking but controlling it.
Taking my consoling hand and placing it above her skin.
I’m sorry.
My lady its no make pretend when I say that we’ll try again.
I ask why but understanding won’t suffice
So in demanding I get twice as angry wishing you were here with us.
Its unclear,
There’s a purpose in this somewhere,
Goodbye Baby Fetus we can feel you out there somewhere.

Equally Yolked by Eminent Endurance


Sunny side up is how I see things, being hard with you is over easy.
I have scrambled my mind into how a woman can treat you rotten…
I know you have Benedict, meaning you have been a dick…
But not everyone is perfect
Sunny side up most just imitation.
I am offering you myself no cheesy overlay,
This is who I am,
Now how you handle me is all on you.
I advise that you treat me like a brand new fresh carton…
Separate from the others, placed delicately in your basket.
Only carrying this carton and leaving the rest behind,
Placing each part of that carton in their holder.
True love can never be colder…
Egg-knowledge who you fully want me to be,
And the end result will be a beautiful recipe.

Eminent Endurance

From Then To Now

In this walk of faith,
I’ve waited just to see manifestations
Of the good vibes I put out in the present.
In intimate sessions I have cried out for something more,
I’ve even reached out of my convictions and have reached out for the things of lore.
But in the end, when I wake up next to you
I don’t have to question anything I’ve laid down at the ocean shores.
I let the sun rays glean upon my face
As you wipe away my tears of joy with handkerchiefs of grace.
I don’t have to think about the places I have been
Since you speak to me like royalty and shower me with loyalty.
Funny how from then to now you see that little boy in me.
Placing kisses on his heart and holding hands beneath the stars.
At times I fall apart but you’ll be there to pick me up,
Funny how from then to now, you were there right from the start.
I couldn’t see you.
Blinded by noises and the ignorance of people,
But now that I have seen you,
I can build myself to build our yokes up as an equal.
You can build yourself into a woman that believes in true love again…
It’s kinda funny how every now and then,
I can see from then to now how things we miss can breath again…
And again…
And again…
And again.