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Away From You…

Traveling down winding roads

I think of you. 

Your lips.

Your laugh.

Your scent.

I glimpse into the heavens

Asking for your protection

Every so often.

This life apart is hard on me

Though I mask it with a smile.

It’ll only be a little while…

It’ll only be just one more mile.

Highways don’t love me the way you do.

I sit,

Secluded in a box

With my thoughts to keep me company.

I can’t get used to you not here….

I deal with my hurt silently, 

Wishing you were near 

And inside of me is wounded 

But I have to run this race or I’ll lose it all.

We’ve come so far just to be so far apart.

Needing to have my space

But mourning my sudden loss.

In the morning I awaken and I face another day.

Taking on the pavement yet I’m still so far away.

I miss you…

I just want to be hugged.

Tell me that you love me by your touch,

You dont have to say a word.

But if you want,

Whisper in my ear sweet nothings 

That will make my body melt for you and fall into your bosom. 

I miss you….

I just want to be loved.

And passing all these exit signs 

I look for your figure around the bend.

Maybe that was your voice at an intersection crossing 

Or mabye I’m going crazy once again…..

Highways don’t love me the way you do.

No Words

In life,
We encounter moments when verbal explanations
Won’t give the moment justice;
We can only feel.
The emotions dancing within the walls of the heart
Can be so intense,
And the mind cannot fathom
An outlet to release them.
In these moments,
Allow yourself to feel.
Immerse yourself in your senses,
Acknowledge and Accept them.
Then move away from the feelings that do not serve your purpose,
And embrace the feelings that propel you into evolution.





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