Love Again….

If for some reason
You were shattered and scattered across the earth
I would spend all of my days trying to find you.
I would take the time to,
Piece you back together
To remind me of your presence and your everlasting touch.
You never have to wonder why I love you so much,
Since I will take the time to prove it in my movements,
Or show you when I hold you.
I’ll tell you when I smell your sweet fragrance in my midst
That you’re a gift that I will never take for granted.
Most wont understand it so,
We don’t have to hand in explanations
We proveĀ our love with action and the obstacles we overcome.
We move mountains,
We climb over hills and attack this life aggressively
And live like its our only one.
And you’re my only one in this life and the next
So in this time or the next one
I’ll love until my breath is gone.
And when I wake in another body created
I will dedicate that life to find my wife and have your love again….




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