Somewhat Understand

My mommy hit my daddy and, all I did was cry.
I tried to run away but I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My daddy started yelling but I know that he was trying to stop mommy from playing with him so rough.
I know my daddy’s tougher than he looks in his tummy.
He told me that I’m strong and he said he’ll always love me.
I know my mommy loves him but I think she thinks its funny when she screams.
Telling him he’s nothing but a worthless human being,
I ask him what it means,
He tells me “Son, dream about a time where you didn’t have to worry about a thing,
That’s what you mother means.”
I know that he was lying….
One time I saw him crying with these bottles on his side.
I said “Daddy why you drink this juice,
It only makes you cry?”
He told me “Daddy’s happy you’re the only son of mine and this isn’t juice baby,
It’s just a little wine.”
Wine? But mommy says I whine.
I guess my daddy likes to drink his tears away that helps him pass the time.
I wish that I could help him but, I just get so scared and,
Mommy doesn’t care
She’ll just hold me down and whoop on me.
She won’t even look at me.
She’s says I’m like daddy and my life will turn out crookedly.
Jail will throw the book at me.
Daddy started yelling and now I started a fight,
He said something called my innocence and mommy had it took from me.
I just run and hide since I never understand why mommy can hit my daddy though he is the bigger man.
He tried to turn away but I heard the glass break
Then his body hit the floor and his arms started shaking.
Mommy started screaming and I tried to wake him up, but it’s too late….
My daddy couldn’t see straight.
He closed his eyes and whispered to me something that I couldn’t really hear.
Somethings I can somewhat understand…



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