Door slammed Shut III

When the door slammed shut behind her husband’s silhouette, she felt the weight of her empty marriage on her chest. She loved him. And the ring that adorned her finger symbolized the truth of her dilemma. Although surrounded in his familiar presence, it was she who filled those hollow spaces.



Rest In Peace Baby Fetus


Rest In Peace Baby Fetus
Even though we never saw you
I’m in awe of how you brought me and your mom close together.
Whether or not I held you in my arms
We will weather out this storm till we decide if we’ll try to have you born again.
I couldn’t cry like my eyes were cauterized,
No tears would flow when the doctor said you weren’t there.
The disbelief of your disappearance smacked us into grief
No heartbeat,
No baby’s breath or car seats.
You’re gone and I was so looking forward to changing diapers…
I wiped your mother’s tears as I hold her up,
Breaking down I hold it in,
Shaking but controlling it.
Taking my consoling hand and placing it above her skin.
I’m sorry.
My lady its no make pretend when I say that we’ll try again.
I ask why but understanding won’t suffice
So in demanding I get twice as angry wishing you were here with us.
Its unclear,
There’s a purpose in this somewhere,
Goodbye Baby Fetus we can feel you out there somewhere.

Equally Yolked by Eminent Endurance


Sunny side up is how I see things, being hard with you is over easy.
I have scrambled my mind into how a woman can treat you rotten…
I know you have Benedict, meaning you have been a dick…
But not everyone is perfect
Sunny side up most just imitation.
I am offering you myself no cheesy overlay,
This is who I am,
Now how you handle me is all on you.
I advise that you treat me like a brand new fresh carton…
Separate from the others, placed delicately in your basket.
Only carrying this carton and leaving the rest behind,
Placing each part of that carton in their holder.
True love can never be colder…
Egg-knowledge who you fully want me to be,
And the end result will be a beautiful recipe.

Eminent Endurance