From Then To Now

In this walk of faith,
I’ve waited just to see manifestations
Of the good vibes I put out in the present.
In intimate sessions I have cried out for something more,
I’ve even reached out of my convictions and have reached out for the things of lore.
But in the end, when I wake up next to you
I don’t have to question anything I’ve laid down at the ocean shores.
I let the sun rays glean upon my face
As you wipe away my tears of joy with handkerchiefs of grace.
I don’t have to think about the places I have been
Since you speak to me like royalty and shower me with loyalty.
Funny how from then to now you see that little boy in me.
Placing kisses on his heart and holding hands beneath the stars.
At times I fall apart but you’ll be there to pick me up,
Funny how from then to now, you were there right from the start.
I couldn’t see you.
Blinded by noises and the ignorance of people,
But now that I have seen you,
I can build myself to build our yokes up as an equal.
You can build yourself into a woman that believes in true love again…
It’s kinda funny how every now and then,
I can see from then to now how things we miss can breath again…
And again…
And again…
And again.



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