My Truth About Love… Part 4

My truth about Love is…

Love is actually very simple, its my life experiences that make Love complex. Alan Watts once stated that “The problem is not to know what is beautiful but how to put it in linear language.”

But why complicate it when Love just is? Why attempt to define what it is or its capabilities? It cannot be boxed or packaged to fit conceptions of what we think it could be, It just is. It exists beyond the borders of our limitations no matter how broad or narrow I set them. Often times we’re uncomfortable with true Love because the boundaries we place on Love is based on our own needs, and our needs are often based on lack and fear, not what we want to be or attain.

My truth about Love is that Love has an infinite number of possibilities, more than what we could ever imagine. We define Love mostly by what we know Love isn’t, but searched for Love in superficial things and ending up with it’s hollow form, never having found it in its entirety.

In my personal quest to find Love, I’ve taken risks, I’ve been without, I’ve reached for what I consciously knew wasn’t Love but had the appearance of what I thought Love looked like, and in the end, I can honestly say I acted out of fear. Fear of loss or being alone, fear of lack or rejection, fear of being led astray. But what’s interesting is, the times I found the most satisfaction in Love was when I was on a quest to find Love within myself. I’ve taken time to reach deep within and found the Love I was looking for exuding from my own inner self.

Far too often, we allow our search for Love to take us to places we didn’t want to be. Love doesn’t hurt. Its not blind, and its not something we can make. It just exists. And until you get to the point where it just exists with you, you will never find it in someone else.

I don’t Love to receive Love in return, but I also don’t Love to be pushed away either.


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