A Poet’s Part Part 6: Socially Removed


Going viral doesn’t matter if your life is in a spiral.
Facebook likes don’t excite the life cycle.
It don’t even matter if I qouted out the Bible
Or a the Torah or the Quran,
My journey has to go on.
Living in these days when taglines make you famous
But when people know your character
It doesn’t speak the same.
Names built off clips and instagram pics
But the truth is,
False prophets won’t be missed in this existance….
I can make a wish but
Wishes don’t mean nothing when,
You’re wishing on people since,
People are adjusting every second.
Who I am now is much different than my yesterday.
Who I am today is what I gained from past lessons.
Who I will be is much different then my present
So remember me by what’s in me right now.
I could take a bow but these thoughts I have to let them out.
People wonder what I feel in moments,
So I tell them how.
Love me or hate me,
Disagree and debate me.
Listen to what I speak and agree,
It doesn’t matter to me.
Opinions move me in the slightest bit.
I can face my own fate
And take the backlash that its created.
I’ve waited many days to say the things I need to say.
Expressions in the moment may come out the wrong way.
Intentions pave the road to hell,
Faith the other way,
So I’ll always play the role the poet plays….


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