My Truth About Love Part 3

Reflecting on this Process of Love I’ve realized that love hurts.

Love hurts because it opens me up to a her, allowing her direct access to the most inner parts of my being that is closed to the rest of the world.

I have no control over how a she decides to handle my heart, so if she fumbles it I am left to pick up the pieces that are strewn across the floor. If she nurtures and holds my heart, I am secure enough to jump off the highest mountain cliff, knowing that no matter how far I may fall, the chord that binds us will pull me back into her arms.

This Process of Love has taught me that most people’s idea of Love is conditional, so I must do first before I partake in the wells of their vulnerability. I must bear the weight of their burdens before I unload mine. I must sacrifice before I can feel the refreshing glory of Love’s embrace.

I Love because I need Love in return, not because it can be easily given.

I hurt because I dare to jump into the possibility of what could be; it’s not because I enjoy exposing my depths to strangers.

Being open is dangerous, but rewarding. It’s painful, but can also possibly heal the wounds of past hurts. Vulnerability is a risk taken to find the very thing you may need.

So when the opportunity presents itself, take the chance. Leap, and find yourself navigating the Process of Love.


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