Damaged Goods Part 2


I said I’d love you for life.
You said till death do us part
And you killed me
So now I feel filthy.
No other man’s treasure.
You buried me so deep, no one keeps the search forever.
You kept me on a leash so,
Now that I’m untethered
I just feel like I’m so lost since you said we’re not together anymore.
I’m hurt,
So how can I believe this?
Worse is you looked me in the eyes
And lied about you cheating…
How can you deny it when the number’s your pants
Had the pictures in your phone
Like a memories you’re keeping.
Thrown away,
I was blown away by your response,
You just pushed me to the side
Like no love was really lost.
Confused by the moments that I fought
Just to keep you in the house,
Now I’m sleeping on the couch,
Our bed is filled with cold memories and many doubts,
So I left it where its at.
I’m never going back.
I’m damaged.




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