Damaged Goods Part 1


How could you love me if you hurt me?
I’m a good woman and you cursed me for life.
I was a wife,
But I’m feeling like a mistress.
How did I get it in this?
It’s everybody’s business.
Walking in the street
I can’t see a another woman
Without wondering is she someone that you just had to sleep with.
I can’t even sleep,
Cause I’m seeing different women in my dreams that,
You just had to be with.
This isn’t a secret.
I caught you in a another women’s legs
You were sposed be out kickin it
Not dickin in our bed.
Its sticking in my head,
I just knew I was the only one.
Now I sit here lonely with nobody else to hold me.
It’s not for lack of chance,
I can’t trust another man.
What you did to me was priceless and nobody else has sold me.
I tried to be your woman even though I was controlling
I just needed you to listen and console me when I cried.
It hurts.
This pain is a dagger in my back.
No surgery removes it.
I worry that I’m useless.
I tried to hurry through this but the pain keeps me couped up in the house,
Pillows soaked,
A thick lump in my throat.
Eyes dried shut the next morning when I woke up
The day before I found the letter saying that ya’ll broke up.
It didn’t matter who it was
I don’t give a fuck if its a one night fling
I’m the one wearing your ring.
You looked me in the eyes and said that I’m your good thing.
How can I be good when I’m damaged….


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