My Proper Place…. A Prayer of Restoration

I’m prepared for restoration.
I been through many fires
And you’ve saw how I have faced them.
You guided me through roadblocks, trails, and tribulations.
Looking with my third eye
Trusting that you saw me being patient.
Walking this walk
There’s been times I paid the cost
But I talk to you everyday to keep me on the path.
Blisters on my feet
I’ve got bruises from a fast life,
Had my face planted among trash in the street.
Now I’m looking towards the hills
Past all the sheep.
Way past all the grass I could eat.
Remember all the cash that I had I could blast in a week?
All of that is gone now.
And I’m all alone now.
I have you,
My Creator you’ve been true to me.
You haven’t lied yet even when I lost my step.
Restore me to my rightful place and write that blank check
So I can laugh after cashing it from the bank of my destiny.
Fill my voids with joyous opportunities.
Kill all of the noises that deter us from our unity.
Build a strong tower so I can use the power you’ve given me
To express all the lessons that you have given me.
Elevate my mind in due time,
Restore back to me all of the years that I gave up shedding tears to you.
Prepare me so I can see you clearly.
Your hand is upon me
That’s why evil is near me.
Your grace will deliver me
The unrighteous will fear me.
Hear my cry…
I’m prepared for restoration.



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