The Argument…. Part 3


You said you’d always love me,
But right now,
Your’re not thinking of me.
It seems you’re getting off while you nail me to the cross.
Yes I kinda lost it for a second but I always come back around,
And now you’re not around.
The house it quiet and I’m thinking of the sounds that we made,
That filled the empty spaces of this place.
There is no replacement,
I’m yours.
It’s only been a minute since you walked out of the door,
It’s only been a fesw years since you pulled all of the chords of my heart
And from then on we’ve been blinded from the start.
You met me at a park,
And played with my kids and from then on
I found out what true love really is…
But there I go again….
You tell me that I bring the past in but see the past can make you laugh,
You’ve never made me cry.
I always wonder why I let myself get this involved but for me its all emotional,
And you said you’d protect me….
You never will reject me and you treat me like a blessing
But right now, I feel like I’m your curse.
I know I’m not the worst you’ve ever had,
I feel so bad I accused you.
I don’t want to abuse you,
I just want to be loved.
I’m sorry.
I hope we make love when you return.
Don’t speak,
Cause the words will only burn us in this argument.


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