The Argument… Part 2

Thoughts pent up…
I have to let them out in this mix up.
Love roadblocked standing on my soapbox.
The verbal blows i’m throwing kind of feel like cold shocks
And I see it in your eyes….
I hurt you didn’t I?
That’s not my heart for you
But my mind says ignore you.
Each word I spill builds the wall that’s before you.
Brick by brick, lay the mortar in between them.
This aint shit, but your innocence is leaving…
Pick up this….
It’s your heart, I saw in on the ground.
I didn’t mean to hurt you this much.
I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to cuss.
I didn’t mean to crush all of the dreams that you made for just us.
I need to take break, wind down, take a walk.
Then maybe afterwards we can talk without arguing….


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