A Daddy’s Part…. Part 2


I yearn for you.
It’s funny the things I have learned from you.
And how not to be demanding of you.
I’d give my all just to be in good standing.
For you I’d take the fall
So that you can stand tall.
Lift you on my shoulders just so you can have a ball.
Since before you both were crawling
I swear I have been involved.
It don’t matter what the problem is,
I will get it solved.
I’m your father,
My purpose is for you to go farther.
Push you when you need it so your light can shine harder
And I’ll be here,
Even when you see tears,
I’m happy.
Daddy’s going to take all of the pain away one day.
Be there to protect your innocence with a kiss.
Guide you by the lessons and the blessings that I leave.
I will always be…
You belong to me…
You and I believe that a brighter day is coming.
I wake up with faith even when I have nothing to give.
My only wish is,
You live.
Live in the moment.
Live with the mind of atonement.
Live in your heart space,
Cause in that special place,
Daddy’s going to always see your faces.
There is no replacement,
So Daddy’s gonna always play my part.
Whether I am near or far
I’ll always be in your heart….



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