A Daddy’s Part…. Part 1


They ask me,
“Daddy why did you leave?”
I tell my babies
There’s no answer I could give you that you’d fully believe.
But my presence never left you
Despite how it may seem,
Since I have you in my heart
And I wear you on my sleeve.
You dance all in my dreams
So in another world we’re still together.
And in this world I can play with you forever.
Teach you all the things that a son is supposed to know,
Take my daughter by the hand,
Shed a tear and watch her grow.
They ask…
“Daddy why are you crying?”
I tell my babies that,
Daddy was dying just to spend a little time with you.
In this world, you have to pay for everything
And since Daddy doesn’t have
Then they see Daddy as bad for you.
“But Daddy who’s they?”
“Well, they are the people who decide
What is ‘best’ for your lives.”
Even though they only hear one side
They villanize
But, every storyline had to have a bad guy.
They ask…
“Daddy where did you go?”
I’ll tell them Daddy’s in another place
Looking at the pictures of your faces.
Writing you letter and I send it,
Remember all that’s in it
Cause there’s all my heart’s joy deep within it.
“Do you miss me Daddy?”
Oh! Babies I miss you so much.
I think about your laughter,
Then I can hear your voices right after.
I think of all those nights you would lay upon my chest.
Have you warm milk, mixed with my love,
The best medicine…
Watch you close your eyes with smile.
Go to sleep my precious children.
I’ll protect you….



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