Flights of Fancy

I’m caught up in the warmth of your touch.
It’s not love yet
But I’m willing to find out why I’m feeling you this much.
This plane is getting ready for take off,
No matter what you take off,
I’m traveling this journey till the end.
Rough patches and laughter.
Kisses or through disasters,
I’m trying to live happily after we understand each other.
If I could make a mother out of you I’d be so proud of you…
Watch your talent shine when you’re mine.
I’ll play the background since I’m fine
And I’ve already had my time.
See these God given lines will always flow
I’m in my prime so it’s my pleasure to embrace you,
Let you feel secure.
When I wrap my arms around you
This connection feels so pure
And I’m feeling this…
I just wanted to tell you this…
Nothing is irrelevant in flight so,
Anything you bring to me will always be closely cherished.
You’re beautiful…
So make a wish and place it on star
And however far it is that’s where we are…



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