A Sad State of Affairs

We validate our lack of spirituality by subjecting ourselves to useless rituals that do not positively serve us.
We fear the consequences of sin, yet sin constantly.
We are burdened with images of our conditions, yet we do not analyze the events that delivered us to the vice.
We’re weak;
Participants in celebrations that have no relevance to our ancestors, the gatekeepers to our highest self and protectors of our life.
We use an oppressive tongue to speak to an oppressive being and accept its oppressive judgement.
And yet, we’re the best dressed on Sunday, though Monday’s sun arrives and we’re naked and starving.
And for what?
To shout “He is risen.”?
Why has he risen and you have not?
Why have you given all that you got to the idea of a saviour to save you?
Why have you fallen for idols thinking that your situation will change by loud shouts and showboating?
Change is the only permanence of life, unless what’s meant to change has lost its evolutionary direction.
And here we are…
Lost in viels darker than our complexion.
Hidden from the truth,
But introduced to lies.
Misguided youth and parents with no time….
A husband has a wife and mistreats her,
Beats her,
Defeats her in everyway possible
It’s just not logical for her to run back to the trap set for her.
And yet, we diregard logic for nonsense.
Instead of taking heed we worship in blatant disrespect.
It’s a sad state of affairs….
Happy Easter.



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