The Map

To break from any bondage
And be completely free ,
One must surrender themselves to lonliness,
And find contentment in thier own thoughts.
Then follow a path guided by the light that shines from within;
Listen to it.
Obey its direction.
Accept its correction into maturity.
True freedom can only be given to the wise,
Those that understand the limits of being limitless.
Freedom is never given;
It’s taken by those who dare to taste its strength.
It isn’t for the faint of heart,
For they corrupt freedoms sweetness.
In the end, many cannot be alone,
And an empty touch will suffice the pains of darkness.
But the few who seemed to be in pity,
Were simply in a cave answering the call.
The fall was simply a means to it all.
Change can only ask for time,
As time fades into a blissful eternities…



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