Voluntary Confinment

Behind see through walls I exist.
Living life, as if life is this,
Demeanor so emotionless,
And barricaded in your midst.
The distance that I’ve placed between us
Doesn’t mean I cannot speak.
I wear this sheild for I am weak.
I take on life from days to weeks.
From months to years I’ve walked a path that no man dares to tread.
Barricaded in my head are thoughts not easily forgotten,
Loves that turned out toxic,
And a voice that says I’m forgiven;
Situations ended and opportunities I’ve missed
Are placed out of this barricade,
I don’t bother with foolishness.
I repent.
I turn away.
I’m gone.
Lost behind see through walls,
I exist,
Barricaded behind good intentions.
To seek to understand one must pay attention
To the truth that lies behind the suface.
Mistakes are roads to purpose and I never tread lightly towards a risk;
My steps are firm and pace is brisk,
Barricaded I exist,
Racing towards a destiny of culminated thoughts.
My invisible box is necessary;
An unopened gift,
Wrapped in royal garments.
Trapped in this confinement
I’m barricaded in silence for a reason.

Inspired by Njiba Kasonga


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