I Had A Dream We Are….

I had a dream….

I had a dream that I wanted to go to the mall so desperately and have a shopping spree.

I hadn’t been in so long and I thought to myself

“I don’t care what I have to do, I’m going to the mall.”

I fantasized about the things I wanted to buy.

The clothes.

The shoes.

Thinking about what I wanted and how I would feel having them fed my urge to just go and get them. Nothing would stop me.

So I walked out the door and headed to the mall,

Still on a blissful high from the thoughts of all the stuff I was going to get.

The streets were empty.

The day was still,

And because I left the house early the sun had not yet pierced through the clouds.

I hummed a tune of expectation just plotting out all of what I wanted to get,

Who was going to see me in it,

And where I wanted to showcase my new clothes.

All of a sudden I saw dead body laying in the street….

Then another….

And another.

Then I saw a coffin.

And a body laying on top of the coffin.

Then three bodies gathered in a pile over to my left.

Another pile of dead bodies stacked over in front of a corner store that hadn’t opened yet.

As I walked further I started notice dead bodies hanging from trees,

On lamp posts,

And out of apartment building windows.

Most were just laying in the street.


But I wasn’t afraid…


I began to dig through the pockets of the dead bodies,

And in one I found a wad of cash money.

I said to myself,

“I can use this to buy me a couple suits and ties. Let me see what’s in here.”

So I opened a coffin and rummaged through these dead bodies clothes,

Desperately in search of more money.

I lifted the limp body,

And in the back pocket of this dead man’s pants was a wallet filled with cash.

I started to thank God….

As I went further down the road,

I noticed more and more bodies strewn across side walks,

In the street;

Piles of dead bodies along children’s playgrounds,

And at gas stations.

But I couldn’t help but think of the new shoes I wanted,

And the fedora I was going to match them with.

So I went over to pile of bodies and from top to bottom went through each and every pocket of the men, women, and children that were in the pile.

I found so much money I couldn’t hold it all.

Some of the cash had blood on it,

But that want my concern.

I just really wanted to get enough money so that when I got to the mall I could buy whatever I wanted;

No questions asked,

Because if I had to ask,

I couldn’t afford it.


I found a woman who had been mutilated and discarded in a gutter;

I noticed her purse was big enough to carry the money overflowing from my arms.

So I ripped the purse from her shoulder,

And stuffed the cash I had collected inside.

How else could I afford get everything I wanted when I get there without making two trips?

I threw the purse over my shoulder and thought,

“It may be worth it to come back to the bodies later.”

Hands bloodied.



And shoes I had on were unrecognizable from the work I to put in to gather all this money.

And I thanked God again for helping me get everything I wanted.

And then I woke up…..

Those guided by lust and greed,

Rummage through lives and take what you want,

Then come back for more as if invited prior,

And thank themselves for the spoils they’ve been given;

And the giver lies.

In piles.

In poverty.

In confusion.

In disillusion to truth.

Desensitized to death and destruction,

The giver gives while the taker snatches.

Even as the blood has soaked their hands,

They cannot see the error of their ways.

Turned completely away from righteousness,

We are………

Inspired by the thoughts of The Lovely J.B.


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