A Lonely Woman Speaks

Patiently waiting for you at home.
Mind not at ease,
So please answer your phone.
I know we have our arguments
But don’t call a quits on what we share
The tension I could feel it in the air.
I know you love me in your own way,
When you’re next to me and hold me,
You take away the lonlies.
Strong arms pressed against my breasts.
You squeeze the life out of me,
Security blanket when your surrounding me.
I wish that you could touch me there.
I don’t care that you made a mistake,
Sometimes I hate when I get angry.
I cry.
I dont really mean the things I say to you.
I just want attention
All the other stuff’s debatable.
I didn’t really want you to leave,
Cause when that door slammed shut
I thought I just lost the man of my dreams.
Please read my intentions
I know I have a man
That understands me
When I vulnerable.
You’ve always been that wonderful
Come back home.
I need to hear voice in that strong Black tone
Carress me with your essance.
Seize me with your presence
And my favorite cologne.
All I want is you to come back home…
I’m sorry.


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