Stairwell to Hell

Anger permeates thru her skin
As I exit down the stairwell.
There’s this voiceless victory
As a smile creeps over my face…
And she knows it.
From the Fifth floor taunts fly.
Shouting insults to degrade me.
You’re not the one who made me
So I hold my head in pride.
I can keep control,
But smiling uncontrollably
You cant get to me
Since my heart is how you’re entering,
But my heart is waxed cold to your offensive.
You’re acting so sensless
And the reason you’re so bothered
Is our commitment that we had
Is none exeistant.
U can’t even hold me
To the past you knew.
You’re stuck in childlike thoughts
Selfishness isn’t becoming of a lady.
I laugh when you try to bring me Back to what I once was.
I left him at the bottom of the
Staircase with you.
You want him, have him.
Dwell upon his actions,
While the real man
Is growing into truth
And leaving you on this stairwell…
You give a forced physical touch
Since I affect you that much
But when asked, you forget
To maintain an image.
Pictures fade away when held too long.
And on this stairwell,
Nothing will come out of this occasion.
So I’ll leave you where I found you,
In misery.
So comfortable in your bed of little understanding.
While I’ve left towards victory.


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