How Soon We Forget

What once was is gone to the wind.
While we pretend,
Our involvement
In events of yesterday
Soon fade away.
What matters is how the story is told,
Though we grow old
We take memories
And turn them to infinities of gold.
How soon we forget that yesterday,
That day we were at eachother’s throats
When we spoke to one another.
How soon have we forgotten
All the lost and stolen times
Crimes that only we will pay for in the end.
How soon do i forget those lonely moments
When I needed just a friend,
And you came,
Just to wipe a tear from off my burning cheek.
You didn’t have to speak a word
To me when I was weak,
But you came,
To me that was more than making it plain.
How soon have you forgotten
When I had to bail you out,
You were sitting in a Hell
And I couldn’t leave you there.
How soon do I forget you really care about me?
I never really had
Someone to care about me.
I never really asked
Someone to care about me
And I forget,
The reason you were sent.



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