The Beatitudes


It takes a lifetime to build
What a single moment’s broken.
A period in time can define your existance.
Wipe the slate clean
And forget about the past,
A mistake isn’t nothing to the last words you spoke.
You only live once so if you take it for a joke,
You can lose it,
Or spend your whole life trying to prove it wrong.
Harmony can sway you
Like a moving song.
Repeat its melody
The memories last as long as you want it.
Peace fits the pieces together.
It’s the glue that holds you
When your fragments
Are scattered to the wind.
Love, it’s the essance of humanity.
Joy is the overwhelming feeling
When your body starts the healing process.
Give, find new ways to give to a stranger.
People who expect
Will get less than what they ask.
People who reject will get lessons
And a crash course in
What it feels like to be rejected.
Mercy gives mercy.
A judge will be judged.
The wrongfully accused
Have to fight for right standing in this life
Turn the other cheek
Doesn’t mean being weak.
It means move away from dark pain to seek light.


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