I’m Black.
There ain’t nothing wrong with the fact.
But I’m crucified for just wearing my skin.
This ain’t a color that I chose to be in,
But even when I wear it with pride,
I have to watch my back outside.
I got taught,
That anything I was was lost.
As far history
I’m still paying the cost for what they did to me.
Affiliated don’t matter
Since I’m the most hated
I’m in a war
This is more than being discriminated.
I’m injuncted for something that I didn’t do.
Documented Crip for the laces in my tennis shoes.
That’s strike one,
Strike two you won’t believe me
If I told you I was walking to the store
From my Grandma’s house.
They hand cuffed me
Thru me face down on the pavement,
Spitting teeth fragments from my mouth.
He pulled me from the floor
Then he sat me on the curb.
Told me I’m an animal
I didn’t say a word.
He told me I’m involved in a murder I never heard of.
Now I’m sittin in this jail cell looking back.
I’m only 23 and I aint never had a record.
Lost time with no chance to put it back.
One eighty two point five,
If I’m alive at the end of this,
I will fight this system till the death of me.
Prop 21 got me gang injucted.
I’m spiralling down to the ground.
Heavy on my back,
I still take the lashes
From what was passed
To exterminate generations of Black men.
I’m injuncted….


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