Black N’ Mild Break-Up


A dollar twenty-nine never felt so good.
I pull your clothes off and you smell so good.
Put you to my lips
Take a sip of your sweet smoke.
Wood tipped gift,
I wonder will you be the death of me.
I only need a few pulls of your recipe,
Now I got a slight buzz.
You got that right touch.
I can almost forget my pain when I light you up.
You are my desire when I put you under fire.
I try to stay away but I saw you with another man.
He don’t understand what you do to me.
I smelled your perfume in the air,
I couldn’t hold my bearing so I had to help myself to that crave of mine.
Smooth like woman’s touch.
When I need a pick me up you’re lovin is right there,
You’re always right there…
You never talk back all you do is give.
But I have to put you out if I wanna live.
I have to sneak and be with you, I got a wife and kids
If they knew I had this love for you they couldn’t picture it.
My temporary pleasure,
I have to let you go.
No longer can I rescue you from cardboard confinements.
Thank you for shared moments and times we rolled solo.
You called me in the liquor store and I had to decline it.
It was real.
It was cool.
It was smooth knowing you.


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