A Poet’s Part 5: Give & Make

I’ve touched lives.
I’ve come across some of the people
Who have crushed mine
I use my punchlines to get equal.
I’ve sacrificed so much in this life
And didnt think twice.
I’ve given all that I have into my craft.
I laugh at all the people
Who don’t see me in a proper way.
Leave them with my memory
Someday they’ll understand.
I’m not the man I was before,
I’ve suffered.
I’ve felt the pains of hunger
And the triumph
Of conquering Mount Zion.
Mustard seed faith is all I’ve had to grab.
I look back at all the times I had a pass.
I think about the moments
I’ve been shown mercy.
I sit and wonder about the times
I was warranted but turned a blind eye.
My words uplift the downtrodden.
Even when I’m weary
I just pour out these pieces
Cause time flies when you’re doing
What you’ve been called
To give into this world.
There’s times I want to curl up
In a ball and cry.
There’s times I can’t go outside.
There’s even times I would plan a getaway
And disappear into a brighter day.
All I need is a pen and a pad.
A few garments,
And quotes from the men of my past.
The knowledge is my bread,
I listen to what they said
And I live off the sustenance
While giving it back to you.
Regurgitate the lessons
That they have blessed me with.
I filter all my confessions
Till I’m affectionate.
It takes patience to soothe an aching heart so,
I may part slowly,
But I always come back around.
I just need to know that
I’m safe with my sounds,
Give it freely,
Cause one day, somebody’s going to need it.
Stumble on my page and read it.
Hear me from a trash can
That I stand on,
Somebody’s going to see it.
Somebody’s will believe it even after I’m gone,
A Poet’s Part is immortal so it has to live on…
And on….
And on…



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