A Poet’s Part 4: Confessions & Blessings

I have a legacy of incompletion.
Thats the reason
My successes seem to weigh more,
I value what I finish.
But when my heart’s not in it
I guess whatever I came for,
Get’s lost in the sauce
And I put it to the side.
I never show my pride outside
Cuz those guys
Like to chew you up and spit you out,
So I have to write it out.
But mind elevation…
I can see the space and galaxies in our faces.
I can see we racin towards nothin.
I wish I had something to give
But I have nothing to live.
Pen & Paper in my hands
Or a phone by side to upload
The chronicles of my next episode.
I write more inspight of
Going through what might seem…
I write more.
I may not show and tell.
I may just go and keep it on a shelf.
I might as well just keep it to myself
For sometime one day
When pure wisdom is the true sign of wealth.
Someday, we’ll all be gone….
May the words that you speak,
Live on.
The people that you touch
With your heart & song need you.
May the words that you speak breath life,
Resonate a vibration that
Will make a person’s heart skip twice.
May the words that you write hold power.
The power of the pen
Is divine legacy from within.
It is us who control
How our history’s told.
The lion, he as awakened
What the hunter has sold is blatant….
And so I write.
I write for what’s righteous.
I write to attain something Greater than myself.
I write to maintain my status of mental health
Suicidal thoughts diminished
But my process isn’t finished.
I’m constantly beginning new journeys to learn me,
So this favor is something beyond me.
I write to right wrongs
Overlooks I’ve taken for granted
And missed lessons I was supposed to learn;
I play my part in it.
Maybe then you can see a poet’s heart in it….



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