In Awe

I can’t believe what I see.
I see a people free.
I see people who can
Fight for freedoms equally.
I see a people
Not controlled by a people,
Not sold by a people;
To have truth told by a people.
Any word spoken
Is validated by someone else.
That someone else
Is motivated by someone’s help.
With someone’s help
We each build on the other’s self.
You can learn and teach
Another brutha wealth
And how to attain it.
How to rearrange it.
How to define self in this arrangement.
I’m in awe.
And I can see an end game
To all the fatal flaws.
I can’t be bought so
My followers see the major costs.
I put my life out
So anyone can feel me.
You can see the real me,
So maybe you can feel me
And identify the struggles
That i go through.
The hunger that I go through is spiritual;
Not to mention literal.
I’m not getting brownie points
To give all my lyrical ability,
I just want to see my people free.
So I’m in awe…
Because no matter how far
I can touch you out in England,
Seeing me in New Zealand,
Seeing me in the Congo Republic
Is where the semen
That the individual sperm
That made the words
You’re seeing on the screen came from.
I was the only one.
I was the strongest one
That gave my father a son,
That gave my mama a gift
To lift her out of the bondage.
I been sent to find the lost ones.
They’re amazed but I’m lost too.
I guess I can’t comprehend
Why anyone that He sends
As an example to what it costs you to be free,
You’re in awe
After He’s dead and gone.
Names live on
But the message they spoke dies.
The people hide under tokens
And false sense of pride.
We’re going to wake up,
Its a matter of time
When the trance is broken
And we all align….
In awe.

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