A Poet’s Part 1

Its easy to follow
Through a plastic screen.
In person,
People deemed different
Are passed with no conversation.
We touch so many in a day
And yet we fail to make simple connections.
Our minds,
Are clouded by Facebook pops,
Work that never stops,
And a never ending desire
To be better than the next man.
Realize that no matter where you
Think you are,
You are never more or less 
Than anyone you connect with.
And the stress that you’ve been left with
Is never more or less than
The people you see as desperate.
My fears create tears
Only because they’re
No different than yours
And my word choice compelled you.
I allow you to peek into my soul
In the depth of my passion
Is a rare truth
Chained to dark walls.
I live,
I eat,
I breathe uniqueness.
All that I am
Is also within you.
I am a poet.



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