Dear Hell, Go to Hell.


Dear Hell,

We tend to fear you,
Even though the only Hell
Is a lack of understanding.
We create you;
Imagine you from times past.
I repell you.
Because even in the moments
That you had me
I seek to understand
And I move past.
So go to Hell.
The same place you’re
Fighting me to come with you
Maybe you can go and be comfortable.
It’s not for me so,
Pardon my back.
I don’t really need to deal with that.
You’re talking scraps
But I’m aiming for the prize.
Destracting me with nonsense
But running out of time
You can feel it,
Been trying to conceal it for a while.
I step back,
I observe all of your movements,
Speaking truth
Only when warranted.
And while I elevate to higher places….
Your envy will keep you in your Hell.


Inside Nianda Speaks


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