The Price of Being A Superhero

Im feeling unappreciated
All the shit that I initiated,
It benefited you
But I feel so deflated.
I’m giving all I got
But really I’m underrated,
And it doesn’t make sense
How they’re using past tense.
I never did them wrong
But to me the last wish
Made it seem like they was done
By the way it lasted
I’m singing sad songs
From the crazy shit they did to me.
How could I last long
On this bittersweet symphony
They weren’t mentioning
How they help to pick me up. Whether its my jaw or my heart 
I have to lift it up.
Spirit broken
Cuz I feel it best to give it up.
I was trying to help,
But now I’m desperate.
On the back burner
Cuz they said they needed help with
Trying to live
And I was dying to give.
I had energy to invest
And I thought they was it.
Never intended to wind up without a friend…
But now im in it.
This was a test run
This was just a scrimmage
Cuz the rest my journey is just beggining.
While this was ending,
I felt the weight of the world
Pressing my inner man.
But in my past
The whole world saw the sinner man.
Now I gotta fight righteous
In spite of being hit with the drama that life gives,
I’m priceless.
This time spent tryin to save them
Was nothin to the memories
A broken heart gave them;
Nothing to the dreams of
Being the one that made them;
Nothing to the effort of
Learning to be engaged in a prodigy.
I dont want to bother them
But tell me why it bothers me
How easily they turned
When I vowed to give them all a me?
But that’s the life I chose.
Until the next episode
I suppose
That’s just the life of a superhero…..



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