Wrongfully Accused

I’m innocent.
Locked in an emotional state not sought for.
Shackled to this burden.
Confused on why
I stay in this postion in my life,
And afraid,
For what is yet to come.
I’m done being a victim.
I’m done being that door mat in front of you
That only sees the bottom of your shoe.
See I placate to vacate the abuse,
Only to be labled
A reactionary “abuser…”
How can the gasoline walk
From a fire it created,
While the wooden log
Is guilty of an arson?
How can a young boy
Ask to be molested?
Then the perpetrator
Turns around and asks for protection as a victim?
Who will be the judge,
So cold,
That doesn’t see the gas poured on young Pinocchio
And throws his ass in jail?
Thinking he was lying about the crime,
But in due time
The wrongfully accused
Will sit above his accuser.
And feast.

Domestic violence happens in many forms, most of which are not visible to those outside of the relationship. Men don’t be a victim. Ladies understand that men hurt too. Find a way to end that existence, and seek a woman patient enough to mend your broken heart.

Take it from me, it feels good to be restored in a love that never seeks to hurt you.


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