Take On Ferguson

A Black life has never been valued
By law enforcement
Or any entity of a
Colonialist society.
Why is that still a surprise?
My heart goes out to anyone
Who has lost a loved one
To lynching,
But Black people aren’t tired of the pain yet.
We’re not tired because even in this
There’s a bigger concept we fail to grab hold of….
And we’re conditioned
To stand in the line of fire.
Yes, we cry.
Yes, we march.
Yes, we get angry
But just enough angry enough
To play within the confines of a game
That’s been well defined by its crafter.
Nothing’s changed.
A bullet is just as lethal as a rope.
White sheets were traded with
Full body armor.
Riding 600 horsepower tanks
To your front door.
Doesn’t matter if they make a mistake
Since you are trained
To stay in your place.
Mind your own and live long;
But why live life in long poverty?
Why exist under cold tyranny?
We toast to our own destruction
And despise those who break free…
Then unify when we see our children lying in the streets.

Be part of something.
Don’t fall for anything.
Seek truth
And enjoy the bitter taste of its fruit.
Read for your own understanding,
Not to stand in line
Or waste time for phony papers.
And love.
Until we value one another
Ferguson will happen again.

Know Thy Self


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