Highly Evolved

Its amazing…
This view is different from the last one.
Things changed,…
Time isn’t the essence anymore.
Im learning new lessons
From mistakes I’ve done before
And im different;
My energy has lifted cuz im listening.
Self talk motivates the mission I’ve been given
So the nays saying something that doesn’t apply to me.
While they keep talking
I’ll be walking in my destiny
So keep the pressure on me
It catapults me to my dreams.
I’m seeking out things
So I kinda need your help
To understand the polar side of myself.
Cuz what I see from u,
Is only a reflection of what’s in me
So while you giving me your hatred
I realize that you cant see that,
Everything I do is like a mystery to you,
So when I back away completely
I’m just doin what I do.
But that just fuels your passion
While my dreams are coming true
And you’re irrelevant,
You think I took the value that’s in you.
See I’m highly evolved.
Yes, highly evolved.
So you try to find a way to attach to me.
You see me as the way to find acceptance for yourself,
But when I disappoint
You just end up attacking me.
See I’m highly evolved.
Yes highly evolved.
It’s your relationship with me
That identifies your dependency;
So if I leave
You have nothing for yourself
But listen,
That’s similar to what you with our Creator
But you turn around and ask Him for His help?
I’m not your God.
And from the start
I just speak what’s in my heart
So while you take advantage the real damage is comin from your part.
But I’m highly evolved
Yes highly evolved so embrace you.
Sacrifice myself for the cause.
See I don’t hate you,
Hatred isn’t in my heart to do
So you place me in positions
Where I have to do for you.
But im highly eloved.
My evolution is dependent
On me making decisions to turn my back on you.
I left you how I found you,
In misery.
Look at all the company you keep They’re asleep to your demise.
When I keep growing stronger
You’ll be running out of time
But for now keep watching,
The evil you tried to hide is being brought out in the open
Enclosed on a cold dish and served at a table among your peers.
Because your hunger for more
Has left you unsatisfied.
The frozen leftovers
Of the dish you served
That burned my tongue when I was hungry.
In any situation,
You may be entertaining angels in disguise.


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