Coming Home: Apology For A Love Affair


I was a fool to leave you.

In you I found peace.
I found my place to release.
I found my strength.
I remember learning new things
About eachother everyday.
You just wanteded to listen,
For me to talk the pain away.

There were moments of confusion.There were times when
I would compare you to the others,
But you held this uniqueness.
I always preferred you. 

I felt connected to the universe.
I could see all things in you,
And the world saw me too.
My visions. My dreams and wants. My mental breakdowns captured
In your physical fortress.

In time my reality became
Confusing and perceptions shaken.
It became difficult to come to you;
To talk to you;
To tell you how I really feel
And all the while I held this
New found passion that needed
To be expressed….

That’s when she came along…..

I was with her back in college
When she wasn’t doing much.
Her recent popularity intrigued me.
She had a face socially acceptable,
An appeal designed for the masses.
I desired her.
I wanted her on my arm
Instead of you. 
And so, I left you
With little words to explain.

I chose her because she felt familiar
But when we first touched
The spark that I felt
The first time we came together
Wasn’t there…..
And I disregarded that.

I dealt with her,
Despite knowing that everyone
Had time with her.
I dealt with her,
Knowing that people I know
Had thier way with her
And in a way,
That made our encounters exciting.

As we went along I noticed
Our limitations.
She wasn’t as connected
To the world as she made it seem.
I would express my heart and soul
Only to have my words neglected
As if they don’t matter.
As if my thoughts cascade
Into an endless pit.
I couldn’t talk to her.
Like I’m wasting my time and hers.
She’s been used so much that
She doesn’t even care,
Its just on to the next
While I sit here,
Recounting our affair.

So I sit here.
Wanting you…. again.
Remembering the late nights we had.
Remembering the feelings of
Knowing you are where I need to be.
Remembering that it was you
That held me in dark hours…
When I almost turned off
The light of my future.
It was you that captured my redemption.
It was you that expressed
My pain, my love,
My knowledge and ideas.
And you held on to them,
In case I returned one day again.

And so I return,

Asking your forgiveness WordPress.
I left you,
Thinking that Facebook,
Would give me more
Than you ever could.
Thinking that my abilities,
My words and thoughts would be
Better utilized on
A mass appealed forum.
But my abilities are being
Thwarted by pictures
Of celebrities, promos, and ads.
My words,
Are being diluted by the redundancy
Of “Hit like for Jesus….”
My thoughts,
Are overlooked because “friends”
Post where they are in that exact moment,
Complete with GPS maps
And smiley faces.
My thoughts,
Are overshadowed by
The mindlessness of the world around me.

But yet I express love.
At times anger.
But love.

With you my thoughts are seen
In Canada, The Caribbean,
My Motherland.
People I will never meet but
Speak to thier hearts.
On Facebook,  the same ideas
Stay in a circle of people with agendas.

Facebook could care less….

I left you WordPress,
For a fling with a simple minded whore.
And I’m sorry.
I’m coming home.


A Poet’s Part 1

Its easy to follow
Through a plastic screen.
In person,
People deemed different
Are passed with no conversation.
We touch so many in a day
And yet we fail to make simple connections.
Our minds,
Are clouded by Facebook pops,
Work that never stops,
And a never ending desire
To be better than the next man.
Realize that no matter where you
Think you are,
You are never more or less 
Than anyone you connect with.
And the stress that you’ve been left with
Is never more or less than
The people you see as desperate.
My fears create tears
Only because they’re
No different than yours
And my word choice compelled you.
I allow you to peek into my soul
In the depth of my passion
Is a rare truth
Chained to dark walls.
I live,
I eat,
I breathe uniqueness.
All that I am
Is also within you.
I am a poet.


In Awe

I can’t believe what I see.
I see a people free.
I see people who can
Fight for freedoms equally.
I see a people
Not controlled by a people,
Not sold by a people;
To have truth told by a people.
Any word spoken
Is validated by someone else.
That someone else
Is motivated by someone’s help.
With someone’s help
We each build on the other’s self.
You can learn and teach
Another brutha wealth
And how to attain it.
How to rearrange it.
How to define self in this arrangement.
I’m in awe.
And I can see an end game
To all the fatal flaws.
I can’t be bought so
My followers see the major costs.
I put my life out
So anyone can feel me.
You can see the real me,
So maybe you can feel me
And identify the struggles
That i go through.
The hunger that I go through is spiritual;
Not to mention literal.
I’m not getting brownie points
To give all my lyrical ability,
I just want to see my people free.
So I’m in awe…
Because no matter how far
I can touch you out in England,
Seeing me in New Zealand,
Seeing me in the Congo Republic
Is where the semen
That the individual sperm
That made the words
You’re seeing on the screen came from.
I was the only one.
I was the strongest one
That gave my father a son,
That gave my mama a gift
To lift her out of the bondage.
I been sent to find the lost ones.
They’re amazed but I’m lost too.
I guess I can’t comprehend
Why anyone that He sends
As an example to what it costs you to be free,
You’re in awe
After He’s dead and gone.
Names live on
But the message they spoke dies.
The people hide under tokens
And false sense of pride.
We’re going to wake up,
Its a matter of time
When the trance is broken
And we all align….
In awe.

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Building Blocks to Life

The world
is in desperate need of
Original thinkers.
Philosophers, who dare to speak
Fresh truth to power.
Not for the sake of gaining
Meaningless self comforts
But to empower;
To encourage thoughtful conversation.
True influence encourages
Not to be easily influenced;
To think for yourselves
To enhance your life experience.

Negativity originates from a source
Outside of the self,
Because the self only acts to build.
To connect.
To create not to destroy.
Ideas built on grains of Negativity never stand
Because the self was not involved.

Self reflected thoughts
Matter simply
Because they don’t conform
To the “norms” of a dying collective;
So challenge yourself
To think radically.
Think to build and create.
Think to love and harmonize. Think with originality,
One original thought
Can save your life
And the lives of humanity.


Evolution of Perspectives

The most meaningful part
Of the life process is the evolution of perspectives.
From this we mature.
Through this we are able to create.
By this, our creative ability
Has profound impact & meaning.
Through this we find that we are
Not seperate from one another
Or nature,
But we are all one.

The majority of people
Don’t conceive this
Like understanding the sky is blue
Or grass is green.
They don’t practice this concept
As a way of life.
The majority of the human race
Allow thier minds to be heavily
Influenced by institutions.

When you think for your self,
You will understand
How much you influence
You have on your world.
When you allow institutions
To think for you,
You have no control
And your life
Is rendered meaningless….

It’s time to evolve.

Dear Hell, Go to Hell.


Dear Hell,

We tend to fear you,
Even though the only Hell
Is a lack of understanding.
We create you;
Imagine you from times past.
I repell you.
Because even in the moments
That you had me
I seek to understand
And I move past.
So go to Hell.
The same place you’re
Fighting me to come with you
Maybe you can go and be comfortable.
It’s not for me so,
Pardon my back.
I don’t really need to deal with that.
You’re talking scraps
But I’m aiming for the prize.
Destracting me with nonsense
But running out of time
You can feel it,
Been trying to conceal it for a while.
I step back,
I observe all of your movements,
Speaking truth
Only when warranted.
And while I elevate to higher places….
Your envy will keep you in your Hell.


Inside Nianda Speaks

A Definitive Piece of Work

The goal of an artist
Is to create an image of a thing;
To articulate how it’s perceived
In the mind of the artist.

To do this,
The artist searches constantly
For the “deeper meaning;”
A more profound explanation
Of everyday things
That most people take for granted.

If done effectively,
The audience
And the artist
Can enjoy the same or similar profound experience,
Elevating their thinking together In a way unique to their own mind.


If that’s the case,
GOD is the most effective artist
To ever exist.
Be ye gods
And create.