Last Club Experience

I can’t.
Bare skin on display.
I can’t.
Bass, pounding out my ear drums.
I cant.
Toxins on tap. 
I have to stomach that
But I just can’t,
This scene just makes me sick.
Strobe lights dancing,
Hearing “suck my dick” in every song
Like that’s the best way
To satiate my hunger…
I can’t.
I tried.
But its just me standing outside
Of a full room
Repleat with empty people.
I want to grab the microphone,
Let them all know that we’re equal in some way,
But I can’t,
And that pains me deep within.
Short skirts and flirtatious grins
To tempt me into them.
But I turn my face from misdirected attractions.
I tried.
Now I know the club isnt for me,
Standing on the outside
Watching lonely souls fill
The blank spaces I left behind.


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