It is Time: A Solution Based Essay


It is time…

It’s time to rise. Its time to cease your passionate cries; for help and for justice. It is time to have no fear in the face of definite crisis. It’s not a secret where a Black man or woman is expected to remain. In the eyes of the Oppressor our place is permanent inferiority.

When Black people look into the mirror we see ourselves through the same lens and attitude as the slave masters of a distant time, and accept ourselves as less than. I know this because we remain silent when our brothers and sisters are beaten, we hold candle light visuals when our friends are taken, and we remain dependent because we’re financially broken. The time has come for love and peace among ourselves, and justice in the face of our common enemy.

Well then that begs the question: Who is your enemy? Your enemy is anyone, regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of creed who is against the holistic empowerment of the Black man or Black woman. Your enemy is anyone, who destroys the image of your Blackness. Some of you will say, “this is nationalist teaching,” and it is. This teaching will form a nation in your minds. This teaching will generate love among our brothers and sisters and those who see our condition and want to help. And this teaching is the genesis of revolution for Black people everywhere.

I don’t advocate violence, but when I see the cold blooded murder of our young people; when I see the suffering of our everyday common families, when I see law enforcement beating our women with able bodied men passing by in their cars, I believe in these instances there is just cause to meet force with force. Power is designed to only respect a greater power and as Black people, we can’t fight guns with love. We can’t fight tazers with what you are taught “turn the other cheek” means.  We cannot act within the bounds of rules if the institutions that made the rules are willing to break them without cause! The federal government has made it clear that there is nothing they can do to protect us besides give a speech, so within our communities we must protect ourselves.

The American government has mastered the art of instilling fear in Black persons in every part of Mother Earth and because we are psychologically, economically, spiritually,  and emotionally broken, we dwell in that fear without the physical chains. How is it that our bruthas in the streets are willing to bear arms against one another, but not against the police force who terrorize “their streets” everyday? How is this possible? It’s possible because no matter how tough they think that gun makes them, no matter how hard YOU THINK they are, no matter how hard they look on street corners and rap videos, they are just as afraid of law enforcement as the common Black man and woman.

These bruthas have the weapons, they have the money, they have the numbers and unity, why not use it to protect your sisters, your mothers, your elders from an institution that abuses you and them?

Gangbangers…. You have all the arms in our neighborhoods. You have the numbers in our neighborhoods. You know the streets inside and out. Instead of using your knowledge to pimp and pillage the streets, use it to protect the people and secure the village. Understand how to navigate the laws and their way of thinking. Study our common enemy so that when they come in to take one of our bruthas off our streets, the people know there’s an equal force willing to protect them.

The time is now to stand up. The time is now to fight and possibly die, but on our feet, not on our knees scrapping by with EBT cards and living off women. We don’t have jobs, let’s create jobs. We don’t have money then let’s use different avenues to exchange goods and services. Why continue to function under a financial system that doesn’t look upon your basic needs? That doesn’t care that you struggle. That doesn’t care that you and your parents, and your parent’s parents had to start with nothing? Necessity is the catalyst of inventions and right now the vast majority of us cant supply our basic needs. So let’s come together; let’s agree on common grounds; let’s invent a new system to get our needs met.

It’s time out for gaining individual power. Real power comes from the unseen forces that influence the power we see. The office of the President of the United States carries an awesome power, but only because of the corporations and established citizens that the office is influenced by. The President no matter what color they are are not really for the people. The President is in place to protect the assets of the establishment by whatever means necessary which keeps power among the few. That includes military muscle and economic instability. The interests of the people will always be secondary, no matter what is portrayed to garner your support.

They gave us President Clinton “the first Black President.” Fools. You called him “the first black president” because he fornicated and played the saxophone? Wake up! Take note of the negative stereotype we glorified just because we were talking about a political office. Then they gave you “hope and change” with President Obama, but the only thing we hoped for was for another way out of this mess. The only thing that changed was the color of the first lady. What helps me sleep at night is the thought that President Obama, with all his education, with all his charisma, with all his poise as a leader, really does have a heart for our people. If he didn’t he would not have came from the ranks of community organizing in the streets of Chicago. President Obama loves Black people because if he didnt he wouldn’t have sat up under Reverend so and so’s church for that amount of time. President Obama loves his people, but you cannot serve 2 master’s. You cannot sit in the office of the President and rule with your heart. The office of the President serves as the face of the establishment, and the establishment seeks power, and power does not respect anything but more power.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for unity. It’s time for revolution. We cry for peace but at this point we can’t have peace without justice. We cry for unity but you can’t have unity without common foundation. We cry for change but at this point, we can’t have change without revolution; and revolution means someone will have to bleed. When you look at the revolutions of generations past, none of them were won by loving your enemy. When you look at the revolutions of generations past, none of them were won by turning the other cheek. Revolutionary declarations are signed in blood; and somebody must be willing to bleed.

You have to be willing to bleed for what you’re asking your oppressor for. Your oppressor will not just give you what he systematically keeps from you. Your oppressor isn’t going to hand over your true history. He’s not going to just give you the knowledge of your true self.
He’s delighted when you ask for your belongings back because that gives him the opportunity to tell you “No!” When you ask for what you want, he relishes because that tells the oppressor you think only he can give you what you need. Keep asking, and he will keep denying you…

Ask for your freedom, no man can grant you freedom because no man gave you life. Ask for relief and you receive more work because our institutions are designed to maintain a permanent underclass to function. Ask for hope and change…. Asking for “Hope and Change” and you will get nothing but more hopes, and no change. But if you declare that you are willing to die to save the lives of those around you; declare that you’re willing to meet force with force; declare that in death you are alive, then your hope is given a face, your change is given a name, and your revolution has just begun.

Arm yourselves with the knowledge of who you really are and the peace of knowing that who you are is the essence of what God is,  and watch God move on your behalf.


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