This is Love I’m Feeling…

Love is….
Love is whatever u make it in the moment.
Loving is your personal expression of a home.
Love could be soft sensual sessions over the phone or
You listening to me pour my emotions over your throne cuz when im all alone and I kinda need a touch
Give me love… and that will quench my thirst.
Satisfying our primal beings is always thought of first but I dont want to take your sex for what its worth, cuz your worth it.
Love is….
Love is making a statement that I’ll seek to understand before u try to understand me.
Love is the foundation of a family.
Love is the way I say it to when you say ur down and out tell ya brutha all about it i may see the things you cant see.
Cuz love is…. everything but just a feeling.
And when we’re willing one woman has all a man needs.
Cuz what a man needs after finding himself is a strong queen behind him to help him better his self.
U can do it by your self but with love u can have it now.
So find love, seeking money keeps us denial.
Cuz love is bein honest regardless of the consequences your thinkin will happen.
Cuz love covers.
Love others and love always comes back to u.
Cuz real love feels nothing like another experience.
Love is  the connection that u feel when u enter in to a warm hug.
The energy that passes thru this touch is so pleasant.
I just want to be present in this moment.
Just be…
Just live…
Just breath…
Just feel, this love.
Cuz love is….



One thought on “This is Love I’m Feeling…

  1. “i don’t want to take your sex for what it’s worth, cuz your worth it. Love is patience. Love is more than just a feeling” These lines spoke to me. Love is responsibility a longing for another persons good.

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