The Harm in Being A Good Woman Part 2


Everyone has the opportunity to allow themselves to mature, but many times we allow hurt and pain to cease our personal growth to the point where being a “good man” or a “good woman” is impossible. There are qualities of a good woman that not all women possess, and there are also grown women claiming to be good and virtuous women, but are yet still functioning with the mind of a child. Women and men need to have a practical differentiation between a virtuous woman and a wicked woman.

A lot of times we as men will label a woman as ungodly, a bitch, a Gold Digger, or other disparaging remarks simply because all we can see in the moment is the act of the woman, not the hurt behind the act. I’m guilty of it too but I don’t want to focus on the labels. In a heated moment it’s very difficult for a man to understand pain, but for a woman pain can be fuel for action. Emotional literacy is critical in escaping a volatile situation and a lot of times that does not register to an immature mind whether man or woman.

I’ve heard women say “I have to be this way or people will take advantage of me,” but that isn’t the case and that statement shows a woman’s maturity level. There is a difference between personal strength and an bonafide ugliness. You don’t have to be feared to be respected. Men see strength in women who set standards for themselves with honor. A noble woman can use wisdom to get what she needs without conforming to the expectations of others whether it be sex, the clothes she wears, or even the way she views the world.

In terms of a relationship, a good woman is a woman who has the ability to build, not destroy. She can build a home of peace and comfort. She can build and create for her self, not depending on another hand to feed her, but graciously accepting a righteous hand that offers. A good woman can build a man’s confidence into reaching his dreams and excelling in all areas of his life. She can create a clean place where her children feel safe and nurtured. In contrast, you have women who cannot build or create anything but chaos and will stop at nothing to destroy themselves and those around them. They can tear apart homes and they look for opportunities to castrate men whenever possible, whether it’s warranted or not.


One can tell a woman with a good heart because she carries an aura of love about her. You can tell an evil woman by the coldness of her eyes. Both can get a man but only one will keep him. Both can have love but only one can maintain it. Both can read a man’s heart but only one can protect it. Only one has an insatiable hunger to satisfy, the other is constantly searching for satisfaction and is never able to find it. One is a Superwoman, the other is a victim forever searching for a Superman; Superman won’t save a victim who consistently places themselves in the same situation.

When a good woman is angry, she is respectfully angry. She understands seeking revenge is futile because any punishment she can give is nothing compared to the Universal Law or Karma. A despised woman will seek revenge at all costs, not understanding the cyclical revolution of her actions and when she is excited, it’s only in the delight of someone’s misfortune as opposed to a good woman who salutes the victory in another person’s life knowing that hers will soon follow.

One cannot claim to be a virtuous woman and act out unforgiveness; It’s not possible because unforgiveness clouds virtue.

A mature woman acknowledges her inner beauty first even while those around her praise her exterior.

A mature woman knows no limits to love and believes in its power to transform lives.

Just because you are not a good woman now doesn’t mean you can never be and at the same time a good woman now can quickly turn wicked if she chooses. At the end of the day it is a choice. When someone wounds a woman’s heart she can either allow the wound to heal slowly or allow it to bleed quickly. Healing will come in personal growth, forgiveness, and soul searching; all which build strength. Bleeding will come from revenge, unforgiveness, and depression; all which maintain weakness. An ungodly woman looks sick and unhealthy because her spirit is worn down from thinking of ways to satisfy her own selfish needs from outside of herself. But a virtuous woman, she shines because she is satisfied from within; anything from the outside is simply extra.

Men, when you find a good woman you will know because when you she hurts, you hurt. When she feels pain, you feel that pain. And long before she is harmed, you do everything in your power to make sure she is protected.



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