The View From Outside… A Short Story

There lived a rich man who, despite being so combative and evil found himself living the high life with very little effort. He did as he wanted and received whatever he asked for from wherever he could get it no matter the means by which it came.  And he was comfortable.

His older brother on the other hand struggled through life. It seemed he could never catch a break, having to fight his way for the scraps life gave to him he was always on the brink of giving in. Because he was forced to beg and borrow he stayed humble, grateful to the people who helped him and always wanting to return the favors he was afforded but just  never having the means to do so.

One day there was  news of a catastrophic weather storm approaching in 3 years that would destroy the entire world. Everyone was in a panick and no one knew exactly what to do. It came to pass that a group of rich people came together and built bomb shelters underneath the ground and for $1 million dollars you could have a space for yourself and everything you wanted to bring with you. This space had all the amenities that they had above ground so that the rich would be so comfortable, they wouldn’t miss a thing. Life would go on. Poor people were left to fend for themselves.

It wasn’t long before the shelter was full and all the wealthy of the world went in to the shelter in a few months.
The various doors to the bomb shelter were left open so that the rich could get out, but it was gaurded heavily so that no poor could get in.

A year passed. The rich were living the dream. It was if they created a whole new world underground and it wasn’t long that they felt as if they had no need to go above ground for anything.

2 years went by, and the poor were in desperate need and experienced major lack, but the rich left them to thier own devices, not caring what had to happen to them.

Year 3 came, and a heavy wind came and shut the doors of the shelter. The rich were safe, sound, and comfortable in the new world underground, while the poor were terrified; not knowing what was going to happen to them or the world they had to live in.

The poor brother, living in a shack exposed to the elements looked up to the sky and called to the universe saying “Thank you for the life I lived, I know that whatever happens will be for my highest good and I am safe in whatever you have in store for me and the rest of the world.”

All of a sudden a heavy vibration swept across the land and rain began to fall from the clouds. The poor brother looked up to the hills, and stretched over the cloudy sky was a rainbow of many different color shades.

The rainbow was visible to all the poor above ground, and a sense of great saftey fell upon the Earth. The doors of the shelter rusted, and cemented solid so that the wealthy were left to the devices they knew to be secure. Not knowing what was taking place above ground, they were satisfied being in the presence of the things they brought with them under ground.

The poor experienced all the wonders of The Universe that the poor brother had asked it for. There was no lack, hate, or sickness. The Great Vibration of Love radiated through everyone above ground and all of their needs were supplied. They too were safe and satisfied, and experienced life in the eternal light of The Universe.

The End.


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