Jesus Gets No Love….

After his 40 day meditation and spiritual awakening, and after teaching and being praised in Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth goes back home in Luke 4:16 only to be rejected by the members in the synagogue. They knew who he was, referring to him as “Joseph’s son.” They also knew the accomplishments and accolades he attained in Galilee. But in v. 29 the members of the synagogue “… rose up, and thrust him out of the city.”

What mad them that angry? Because Jesus came back home and spoke truth to power….

Jesus strait up told them “No prophet is accepted in his own country.” And was he not right? As soon as he spoke truth, brought correction and showed he wouldn’t conform back to who he used to be he was ousted from the church.

Most people you know respond to you based on their conceptions of what you’ve previously presented to them. Good and bad. That’s why family members can’t stand your spouse because you present to them your spouse’s faults….

  When Jesus came back to Nazareth, the people knew him as “Joseph’s son” or “the carpenter”,  or the man who was just fine among us not long ago doing the same things we were doing. The people could only see his past, not who he had become because they were brought up with him and felt entitled to thier perception of who he was to them. They also could not recognize his shift because enlightenment can only be seen through action.

By internalizing the svripture passage he read to the congregation, Jesus was showing the synagogue that he was in an elevated state of thinking. Sadly, due to the ritualistic condition of the membership they could not discern what Jesus had displayed.

When anyone steps away from the collective concious as Jesus did for 40 days, they are not bound by the lables of what used to be them. Past people will not recognize the higher or more centered you because you are not of thier world anymore. You are in an elevated dimension of thinking that the concious collective has not risen to. In due time, it will.  By the people you encounter, the relationships you build, and connections you make, more and more people are awakening around the world, especially with technology at our fingertips literally. The number of Americans that are realizing the seriousness of the deception we’ve allowed and participated in is on the steady rise. Corruption cannot keep its pace much longer. But I digress…..

Friends, the world is in desperate need of enlightened thinkers. Not those who regurgitate fowarded quotes on Facebook. We need people that are not afraid to analyze the quote and declare what it means to them. Its only through gaining perspectives that we can enhance our life experience.

We need people not searching for followers or giving gimmicks, but creating atmospheres of vulnerability so that the masses can feel comfortable to be themselves in whatever positive way they feel. Not everyone will stand and give a sermon, or direct a film, or build a community, but the world needs you to think like you so that you can contribute to it only what you are capable of giving. What is it that you have a burning desire to do but circumstances keeps you from? Cultivate that thought and watch it transform lives around you; including those who hold you to your past. As you transform, they transform. And the old memories of your past eventually evaporate into….



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