Self Theory Part 1

The more I seek to understand myself, the more I understand the people around me. (Crazy how that works.)  In analyzing my faults and thier reasonings I can identify them in other people and show them compassion because I’m not that far removed, so who am I to judge? I believe this is a piece of the message of the prophets or holy men and women of before. After you’ve realize your internal strengths and weaknesses, and can Identify them in some one else, you have a choice to make: either use that understanding for great evil, or for great good. (This theory could be the “free will” Christians speak of.)

Using your understanding for great good can create an atmosphere of healing, peace, and justice.  Conversely, using your understanding of your self and others for evil creates a plethora of destructive avenues in your mind, which when carried out inflict damage to those around you.
The damage can vary from emotional, spiritual, or economic injuries, all the way to physical death.


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