A Prostitute Love Thing


Anonymously, someone that supposedly knew me from my past replied on a previous blog about my alleged shortcomings, asking me how can I “save the Black community” when my past is filled with sex, lies, and a possible videotape. No, those were not this person’s actual words. My purpose isn’t to “save the Black community,” for that is a power only Our Creator can do at this point. I can admit that my former life is checkered with many disparaging events from childhood to just recently last year when I was on the verge of taking my own life. I will never deny the sins of who I was and to me, that is first step to knowledge pf self so that one can move forward with life in a positive way. The proper question this anonymous person should have asked is how am I qualified to help the Black community given my history? I believe I am qualified to help my people out of thier condition because the community is living in my past right now; today. Who better to help a prostitute out of mental bondage than a former prostitute who broke free? Who better to engage and enlighten a “trick” to stop tricking than a former “trick” who overcame that lifestyle? Who better to speak to an economically deprived people dependent on the hands of the economically empowered, than someone who isn’t dependant on the economic system for personal fulfillment? Who better than I?

The Black community is replete with tricks, johns, prostitutes, pimps, pushers, and slaves to an economic system that persistently relegates them to begging, stealing, and inflicting damage on one another in order to get the scraps left behind by the white aristocracy. Black people, you have relegated yourselves to never biting the hand that feeds you, but you will willingly and without question turn your back on your bruthas or sistahs who are in the same economic quicksand as you are just to get ahead. We speak of Black people having a “crabs in a bucket” mentality but no one ever breaks it down practically, so some of us (particularly educated negroes) think, “Well that aint me…” But contrary to popular belief, it is you in so many ways.

We quickly think of the crimes committed in our communities as the entities destroying our existence and yes, the dealers and pimps play a part, but what about you, the common man or woman? What role do you play in keeping us subservient? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

There are elders in our communities who are still holding on to gaining power, or trying to lead our community out of this condition when the truth is, if you would’ve had the answer you would have figured it out 30 or 40 years ago. Since they haven’t and most likely won’t figure it out, they’re focus now should be to teach us young men and women who have the passion and strength to get things done; guide us with your mistakes so that we won’t waste our effort doing the same things. Ask Japanese auto makers how they were able to posses the auto industry and they will tell you their concentration was reducing the delays in manufacturing or streamlining processes to make them more efficient. Our elders need to take the same approach for the betterment of the whole race. They see young activists in the streets hustling, bustling, moving, shaking, speaking, and wearing ourselves thin to the point where we lose our passion. Our elders see this and refuse to pull us to the side and give advice on more effective ways to empower our people out of bondage. Our elders need to understand that they may not posses the promise land with us, but they can streamline the young soldiers approach to getting there; pass on your legacy of knowledge instead of debt, ignorance, and a constant desire for more power.

With so much economic disparity in the Black community one must understand that the American institution is not designed for Black people to attain wealth. We started this game with nothing, so why do we expect the inventors of the game to allow us to be thier equal if it doesnt benefit them? Yes, there are a few Blacks that came to this country and set up homes and land before the mass influx of African slaves entered in. But the purpose of bringing Africans to this country was purely for the colony’s economic advancement. In the Constitution we are 3/5 human beings. Cattle. Property. Inferior. Imagine your wonder if your dog came to you asking for emancipation. The White establishment look at Black folk as inferior and still do because the mentality that has journeyed through generations is that we are not and never will be their equal. And with this mentality, Black people have been mentally, spiritually, and physically conditioned to be dependant on the establishment for basic needs. A few of us with exceptional talents can break the mold and receive larger “rations and tokens” than the common Black man or woman, but for the most part the majority of Black people are fighting, looting, and cheating for the scraps; just as your master trained you to do.

images (2)A lot of us grew up on Government Assistance so I won’t completely knock what it did for Black people here in America, but the vast majority of our people see this as a means to sustain themselves and their families, which it isn’t designed to do. We accept the EBT but then don’t ask where this “money” is coming from. Who cares its free money right? Wrong! It comes from the very hand that you are unwilling to bite and because they know you need it, Federal and State governments pass laws, lock up our men, and patrol our streets with military might and keep you patronizing the grocery stores they select and you better not say a word, or “We will cut your EBT!”

Our people are in a perpetual state of debt that keeps us at odds with one another. The economic gap between us and other ethnic groups is ridiculous, but we don’t correlate this to the divide and conquer mentality that has been used on human populations for centuries to keep power among the few. If the government can keep us divided by lack the people don’t mind selling drugs to a brutha or sistah to put more in their pocket. If the government can keep us divided by lack you don’t mind our Black bruthas being in life long debt to child support, or burdened by incarceration and unemployment. If the government keeps us divided by lack you don’t mind pimping a woman and degrading her to make up the difference so you can look good in your depressed neighborhoods. If the government keeps us divided by lack when they throw money or status in our faces we salivate at the opportunity no matter who you have to sleep with, defame, or take from regardless if the action you participate in will have lasting effects on those you choose to inflict; all in the name of “self preservation.” You don’t mind. We don’t mind. This mentality of “I don’t mind” has even infiltrated the non-profit sector where you have organizations who are supposed to be about the people fighting one another to get Federal grant money. I’ve seen people fall out over this My Brother’s Keeper Initiative when its calling for organizations to come together. But we are slaves to money and all want a “piece of the pie.”

If you don’t mind being in bondage to a monetary system that disregards your needs, you are in fact a prostitute. You are being pimped because you have no control of your own mind, you do what the entity controlling the money demands that you do.

download (1)I’ve heard women brag about how much child support the father of their children owes them…. How sick is that? Child support is not the lottery and if a man owes you $75,000 it’s probably because he’s in the same economic deprivation that you are, and you will never get it. Foolish woman. That relegates you to a prostitute because you are dependent on someone else’s finances for your own gain. To me you are no different than an ignorant Basketball Wife, dependant on the name, fame and fortune of their exes. If they spent more time focusing on finding theirr own and bettering their children, they would stop perpetuating a legacy of debt mentality for thier children. We should be rebuilding family structures and working together to create mutually beneficial environments for Black men, women, and children. Just a side note on child support… there are fathers out there who desire their children and for whatever reason, their lack of income drives a woman’s passion to keep them from their children. Again, this prostitute mentality is sick and in due time the truth always comes out. Hold your head up brutha and let love shine, eventually it will overshadow her hatred.

The only thing that can stop our destruction at this point is unity. And it takes love to unite with one another. If we teach our children that under no circumstance can you inflict damage on another Black human being, we will start to see a change in the way we think about our ourselves, our conditions, and our dependency on a government who does not have your best interest at heart. Black people need to understand that you are a liability to State and Federal governments. Why would an oppressor give you what you need to be independent from his oppression? That does not benefit it’s self preservation.

You don’t have to a be prostitute, criminal, “child support encourager,” thief, pimp, or take any of these positions, you choose to because of the conditions you may be currently in. With a prostitute mentality when you are in financial lack you will do what it takes to ease the burden even if it means degrading your true self to get the scraps you feel you deserve. But step outside of the economic system that fosters your oppression and you will see that’s not necessary. You’ve been taught to be and live as inferior and that will not change overnight. Being dependent on someone else to hand feed us has been deeply embedded in the Black mind for generations, but it’s now time for us to stop asking and begging. Start taking and empowering our people to love one another as Our Creator designed us to.

Unity is the only way out of this. Just do it.


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