Random Rant

I look at my generation of Blackness and I see a people stagnated by ignorance and emotional illiteracy.
I see a people who cannot see more than 2 days in front of them; no concern of future endeavours or how to get there. I see a people struggling to provide the basic of necessities, and a hope tied to our previous generations teachings of depending on government handouts and immediate pleasure.
I see all these things.
I see them and have not experienced the revelation on how to go about helping them solve these issues besides love and understanding.
Love can conquer our hurts, our lack, our pain, and our need to be fulfilled. Until we learn how to legitimately love ourselves, not superficially, but passionately making an effort to look into ourselves and deal with the hurts and pains of our current reality we will continue down this path to our self deterioration.

We live in a world with so many of us medicated it’s unbelievable. Ask yourself why you get such a release from shopping, or sex, or prescription medication, or cigarettes, or eating, or whatever your personal vice is. What do you need that release for? Ask yourself why the weekend is so hungrily sought after in American culture. Why is there such an insatiable thirst for public drunkenness and ear shattering music in our streets, clubs, and social events? 

Our people want to feel numb from their life experiences. Blackness is sought after by people who do not share the experience of what Blackness feels like. We struggle. We overcome rarely. We seek and aren’t found. We hurt and aren’t comforted. We hunger and are not fed. We thirst and are given vinegar to drink. We cry out and are given superficial remedies that don’t fix anything but do increase the size of the pockets of the people who greedily maintain a “have” status. Keep your money. Searching for money only adds to the pain we experience. You can have the world to live on and still have nothing to live for. What you seek is not in finances. You cannot find what you need in EBT and it will not come from the hand of a government entity. 

What we seek we constantly experience, but you feel as though it’s not yours because you give it away to any and everything that asks for it. What you seek can be so easily experienced that we completely miss it because it’s that easy. What you want will not come from external forces. It’s inside you.

Until you realize that an internal connection with yourself is what you’re searching for, you’ll never be whole. It has been said in so many different ways that our heads are spinning trying to figure this out but in actuality, it’s a connection to yourself that you seek and never find. The ability to comfort one’s self; feed one’s self; quench one’s self; be one’s self. What we seek we cannot find until we have time with one’s self.

There is no time better than personal struggle to sit in silence and figure out who you are. Adversity will squeeze out of you the very thing you’ve been searching for, which is you. Love you for who you are and the world around you will be affected by your vibration. 

I’m realizing how to love me in this season of my life; and it feels damn good…..


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