Silence has taught me
The value of relationships.
A voice can be as soothing as
An infant’s smile when
Without it seems long enough.

Silence has told me that
My thoughts aren’t as crazy,
And my meaningful opinions
Hold wieght,
Even when I feel
Paper thin.

Silent has awakened
The self.
Giving he a platform
To experience life in coalition
With the world
I have built around him.

Silence is unknown.
We admire the sound
Of our own voices.
Awkward silences are made up
Experiences we use to define
Being accustomed
Too fill empty spaces with ego
When in actuality…..
We really don’t have to.

Don’t be afraid to be silent. Because in silence
You can find
A pureness of solitude
If you dive in it deep enough.

Enjoy your swim….



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