A Message To My Parent Generation, A Message To My Fellow Leaders Part 2

I was asked to elaborate on a statement made in Part 1 and thought I should share my answer. I’ve been getting a lot of responses and I appreciate all the love shown. If you would like any elaboration of anything I’ve stated please feel free to email me at insideniandaspeaks@gmail.com or comment on the blog. Thank ya’ll.


I’m honored and  appreciate you viewing my statements as relevant to your book; the title itself sounds like it will be a great read. I do ask that if you use my statements that you please cite me in it, mainly because I stand behind the words that I speak especially when divinely inspired. 

” Enough is enough. I don’t want that for my children and nor should you (our parent generation) want that for us. How can we as Black  youth, the leaders of the generations after you, instill in our children to get a job or stay in school when the present education system (Preschool through college) is not historically or spiritually relevant to us “

I speak of the education system in this way because most of the public institutions in America do not provide the truth of our people before slavery. Even when slavery is taught, it’s usually glazed over as if it needed to take place or it had to happen. When I went through school, slavery almost seemed normal. I had a teacher once tell us in class ( I think it was 5th or 6th grade)  that every civilization had slaves, almost belittling the pain and suffering that our people went through. Had we known that slavery was an institution set up to build America on free labor and  that its designers did everything it could to strip Africans from their cultures and languages of  their homeland, Black children would have a completely different outlook for their own lives. Teaching Black children that Black people originated from slavery subliminally tells that child that you were made to work for someone else and nothing more.  So when we do learn of Egypt or Sumeria and read our text books and Bibles and the people in them don’t look anything like us, we as Black children assume that this can’t be our ancestry. We couldn’t have come from greatness. 

We aren’t taught about Kemet, or the Bakongo people, or Mansa Musa the first billionaire and wealthiest man who ever walked the Earth. It  seems like Black truth is deeply hidden and a lot of things aren’t uncovered for us until we reach college, which the masses of Black children have limited access to.

In my opinion, its necessary for Black people to set up our own institutions because integration, even with the exceptions of Black students who do excel in the present education system, has destroyed our youth. The LGBT community has succeeded in taking prayer out of the schools, which cuts off our deep roots of spirituality and relegates it to home and church; which is another major dilemma that needs to be addressed. In the Civil Rights struggle to integrate everything Black businesses closed, our education suffered, our unity was lost, because we fought to be  equal to a European standard that God did not intend for us. If the Black masses ask themselves simple questions like, “Why do we straiten our hair? Is kinky or “nappy” hair not beautiful?” “Why is classical music considered the pinnacle of musical genres? Do we not automatically dance to the beat of a drum?” “Why is it that we conform to white society, even when they come to all Black functions or events?” Ask yourself; you’ll start to unravel the inferiority complex that exists in our people and young people which has them killing one another for no reason, chasing an American dollar that means nothing.

The school system does not equip Black youth to be anything other than laborers and entertainers. I’ve studied the critical pedagogic method, which teaches how to think critically, form your own opinions and act on them. This method is used in affluent white communities but not in our public education system. Why? We are separated from early on who will be managers and leaders of the corporate world, who will be the overseers, and who will be the worker bees; the slaves. 
I wrote an article about my feelings on the education system and that may elaborate my thoughts as well.
I pray this helps. Peace & Blessings

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