Message to My Parent Generation, A Message To My Fellow Leaders

The NAACP and other Black organizations around the nation should be commended for what they have done for Black communities in past generations. We should also note that in their hard fought struggle for advancements in education, political influence, and credibility of the Black race, these organizations and the generations that followed have lost connection with our present day youth, leaving behind an enormous leadership vacuum that is destroying the unity in Black communities. Many of our present day youth are ill-equipped  to take the reigns and sustain themselves and thier families. Many of us (meaning my generation of Black youth) have just an overview of our true history, and very few of us have an emotional connection to our history that can overshadow the firm relation we established to money; because that’s what we watched our parents do if we even had them to begin with. Work. Pay bills. Die with very little for a legacy other than a mortgage and a funeral bill left for the children (us) to pay.

Enough is enough. I don’t want that for my children and nor should you (our parent generation) want that for us. How can we as Black  youth, the leaders of the generations after you, instill in our children to get a job or stay in school when the present education system (Preschool through college) is not historically or spiritually relevant to us nor does it practically prepare us for a job past minimum wage earnings? How can I tell my children to follow thier dreams while they watch me suffer under the hand of a “boss”  at work and come how too tired to even engage them? I read a statistic that the average father speaks to his children roughly 2-7 minutes a day…. 2 to 7 minutes a day! And you (generations past) want me to keep my kids in a school system where the average Black child disengages after the 3rd grade? How does this make sense to you when there are a scarcity of jobs? When we have little training or can’t offered to be properly trained?

Our present day school system is failing us so, as our elders, guide us in creating a better one. In a scarcity of sustainable work, guide us in how to create for our selves so that this next generation of men can sufficiently support a family.

You think we aren’t listening, but we look to our past generations to provide us opportunities so that we can dream of a life past being a rapper, or an athlete, or a drug dealer, or a trades man. We look to you to provide us the wisdom so that we don’t have to seek things that will never fulfill us. We look to you to teach us our true history. You and I both know that Columbus did not discover America and yet you allow the schools we attend to pump this poison into us while you are busy “slaving” for someone else? Do you not think we see? Do you think we don’t know?

I understand. My parent generations have paid and still pay a heavy price; you’ve carried such a heavy burden so that I, a Kongo man, can have the audacity to speak the words you are reading. I completely respect the fact that on your backs are the lashes of injustice, extreme racism, hatred, and drudgery and as your child I want nothing more than the opportunity to release the chains that have bound you for far too long. It makes me weep to watch my mother, a strong and humble Kongo woman, still have to work and labor for the very people that lived during the extreme destruction of our Black resolve. It sickens me. So although this message is passionate, do not mistake the passion as an indictment for the failures of Black communities across the nation. You are not the root of the issue; instead you are the branches that shall be used to bear good fruit and point us (Black youth) in the right direction. If not you then who? Surely not the Federal government or even the local officials you desperately cling to for a change. The office of the American Presidency isn’t designed for anything other than governing “white/ corporate affairs.” The needs of Black people are considered a liability; nothing more, nothing less. President Obama (bless his heart) gave you, our parent generation, hope for a change, but his selection was only a token to keep you silent long enough to drive a deeper wedge between our communities. While you riding the high of his selection, Black youth were still looking at the current state of our people wondering “What has really changed other than the color of the man in the seat?”

Black youth unite! We need to establish our own education system with our own teachers and scholars that are able to speak to us truth and promote justice. We need teachers that can provoke us to think critically for ourselves and to act on our own good moral character.

Black youth unite! We need to create our own careers, not “jobs”, and learn ways to base them on a standard that we create ourselves, not the European standard of money, greed, and the vindication of immorality. A standard that focuses on building unity and investing our trust in Black man or woman. We can learn ways to recirculate our dollars within our own Black communities. We can create thrift stores, and restaurants, and our own grocery stores. We don’t have to support liquor stores or big corporations because they don’t have a heart for our people, mainly because our people aren’t behind the counters or behind the desk. Can’t you feel that?

We are a people that have an eternal, unwavering connection to God through our spirit. You know the feeling you feel when you support your own. When you are surrounded by your own. You feel strong. You feel proud to be Black, whether you are an African or an African born in America or around the world, there is strength and depth and power in the term BLACK.

Search for that feeling. BLACK.

Hold on to it. BLACK.

We can make it. BLACK.

Whether my parent generation sees this or not, this will come to pass because it is divinely inspired.

And it is so.

One mind. One purpose. One goal.







One thought on “Message to My Parent Generation, A Message To My Fellow Leaders

  1. I like what you are saying here Son. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Take the reigns young black man. Run with it! Be the voice of your generation! Provoke change! Become what has been denied you! God will never deny a generation a leader who will lead us into all truth! I love this!

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