If I seem judgemental you’re missing the point of Thought Provoking Thinking. When a person allows emotions to overtake intellect instead of balancing the two that person will get offended by information presented if its alternative to what the person believes to be true.

Gaining converts isnt my goal; Im not a religion. I’m not here to condemn anyone or tell you your perception is wrong unless it is factually wrong. I will never back down from the anything I’ve stated on this blog, in a poetry piece, or interview. I can only give my own limited perception of reality; what truth is through my eyes. You are entitled to.disagree. You are also entitled to your emotions. As long as we can have productive conversation about our differences and focus our attention to the qualities that unite us  the differences we share won’t consistently divide us; as a people or human race.

The purpose of Thought Provoking Thinking is to give you a perception of the world you don’t already have. Telling you what youalready know or how you already feel doesn’t provoke anything, that just strokes your ego. My purpose is to introduce to you a new reality and allow you to make the choice for yourself whether to accept it as your own or not. I call it “planting seeds.”

You can be rock towards what I speak and the seed will fall on your surface and blow away with the wind. Or you can be soil and accept the planted seed. Who you are depends on the subject and your personal background. Whether or not the seed grows depends on the effectiveness of the information given and how it is watered after its planted. Regardless of who you are, rock or soil, the information/seed will remain planted in this site. If you disagree, comment; Im happy to clarify. If you’re looking for a debate that’s different and I probably won’t respond. If we are sharing our positions on a subject then let’s enlighten eachother. I have so much to learn about the world around me, and in doing so I may be able to affect changes in the quality of life of the people who hear my voice.

I am one man, with one vision, and one purpose and many beliefs on many different subjects. When we share our beliefs and voice our concerns and opinions, we can find common ground, even in our vast differences, and push for something greater than any one man with a controversial blog can. Let’s change the world together through the freedom of of our perspectives. And most of all, let’s learn to love one another no matter what our beliefs are grounded in. Beliefs can change overtime, but the concept of love should be consistent no matter what you believe.

Thank ya’ll for listening.


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